The beaches of the Delta

The Ebro Delta is surrounded by more than a hundred kilometres of beaches, all of them little crowded and a wild spot. At sunrise and sunset there are unique moments with extraordinary lights that remain forever in the memory. But there is a fact that makes them totally special, their almost unreachable dimensions and the absence of people who give the possibility to enjoy in solitude a magical and exclusive environment.


It belongs to the village of San Jaume and is located near the mouth of the Ebro, now covered by sediments. It is a little overcrowded beach and there is a beach bar to refresh and eat something, which also opens the night. Very close is the viewpoint of Migjorn from where you get a sensational views.

El Serrallo

The most deserted and virgin of the beaches of the Delta. It has no equipment but the feeling of being alone bathing in the immensity of the sea is priceless. Access is a bit complicated. Walking a good piece you can reach the Migjorn, a good excursion to learn the process of draining the Delta through the discharge gates.

El Trabucador

The bar of sand that extends from the beach of Eucaliptus (with services) and the Punta de la Banya (at the southern end of the Delta) receives the name of Trabucador. It has sea on both sides; on one side the calm waters of the bay of the Alfacs and on the other the open Mediterranean. For some years it has become one of the favorite places for kite surfers. There are a couple of schools, places to rent equipment and a beach bar where they make food. El Trabucador is an obligatory stop for flamingos that cross the Delta from north to south. Raise your eyes, you will surely see them.

Fangar beach

It is located to the north of the mouth of the Ebro Delta. A virgin beach in the middle of one of the most surprising natural and scenic spaces. Full of dunes, its immensity and beauty, give it a special character. To get there you have to walk from the Marquesa beach (where there is a restaurant). You can also get there by boat from La Ametlla or La Ampolla. The beach is reminiscent of a desert, because of its fine sand and the mirages that arise when you walk towards the Fangar lighthouse.


It is located in the urbanization of the same name and very close to the mouth of the river Ebro. Unlike the other beaches of the Delta, this has all kinds of services and since 1997 is awarded the blue flag. Composed of high and compact dunes, protected by wooden walkways, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Delta. Opposite there are beach bars, restaurants, a hotel and various tourist services, including boat and bicycle hire to explore the surroundings. We recommend an excursion to the Garxal, where it is possible to observe flamingos in the small islets that form lagoons next to the beach.