The paradise of tranquility.

Balada is a small urban nucleus located in the Ebro Delta, located just in front of the island of Gracia, next to the Ebro river. It belongs to the municipalities of Amposta and San Jaime, since it is located on the border between the two terms, between the right bank of the Ebro and the channel on the Right. Curiously, the separation between the two municipal districts to which it belongs is located on the two bands of its only street, San Cristòfol.

Within the nucleus, the presence of a large oleander stands out, the Baladre de Balada, a bush that has become the emblem of this small town. Due to its extraordinary dimensions, this oleander has been classified as a Monumental Tree.

It is a very small town but a few decades ago it had hosted about twenty families. Currently one of its great attractions is the River Walk that from Amposta to the mouth of the Ebro and comes to play, and the pier, a very pleasant place to take the cool and where you can kayak along the river.