How to arrive

Casetes del Delta (Gran and Petita)

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Cases del Delta

GPS coordinates::

  • 40.71170823399534,

  • 0.6889551983325409

Barraca Vilbor

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Barraca Vilbor allotjament Delta de l'Ebre

GPS coordinates::

  • 40.6986098904738,

  • 0.7234286443623876

Cal Gasso

Poble Nou del Delta

Pati de Cal Gasso

GPS coordinates:

  • 40.64486061404636,

  • 0.6877022406592096


From Barcelona

AP-7 exit 39 L’Ampolla. N-340 direction Deltebre-Sant Jaume d’Enveja road TV 3401.

AP-7 exit 41 Amposta-Sant Carles de la Ràpita. N-340 southbound. Turning right on TV direction 3405 Sant Jaume.

From Valencia

AP-7 exit 41 Amposta. N-340 southbound. Turning right on TV direction 3405 Sant Jaume.

N340 to Amposta. Breaking towards Sant Jaume before crossing the bridge over the river Ebro. Take the TV3405.

From Aragón
N420 and C-12 towards Tortosa and Amposta. TV3405

You can also reach our accommodation by public transport, train or bus from Barcelona and other cities.


Rnefe com arribar cases del deltaThe nearest train stations are L’Aldea-Amposta, where high-speed trains stop, the Euromed and the Talgo, or L’Ampolla-Perelló, a regional train stop.


The nearest bus station to HIFE is Amposta, 10 km from Sant Jaume d’Enveja. There are connections to Sant Jaume d’Enveja.


Barcelona airport
Distance: 200 km
Barcelona – Castelldefels motorway (C-31)
El Prat de Llobregat

Reus airport 
Distance: 90 km
Autovia Tarragona – Reus (T-11)


València airport (AENA)
Distance: 190 km
N-220. Manises