What can we do

All the accommodations of Cases del Delta are located in the municipality of Sant Jaume d’Enveja, in the center of the Delta, in a strategic place to go around and get to know many of the most interesting places in the territory.

Activities and visits

River Walk

One of the most beautiful and easy walks you can make in Sant Jaume d’Enveja is the river walk that runs parallel to the river for thirty kilometres. You can choose the route to the mouth, that is to the right, or go upstream towards Amposta. Both directions are recommended. Along the way we will see riverside woods, all kinds of Mediterranean vegetation and with luck we will be able to observe flocks of birds. The duration of the excursion depends on each one.

Distance: Once you reach the Lo Passador bridge, which connects Sant Jaume with Deltebre, you can follow the River Walk for 8.7 km to the island of Buda. The first section is asphalted. The last 7 km are along a dirt track. You will find benches, some picnic areas, as well as information panels on the fauna and flora of the area. When you reach Buda Island you will have to go back.

River cruises.

From Deltebre there are several boats that run along the Ebro to the mouth overlooking the Island of Buda and the Migjorn. Duration 1’30 minutes. Another option is to go to Riumar for a 45-minute crossing of the mouth. These boats depart from in front of the Casa Nuri Restaurant, located near the mouth.

There are two types of cruises:

1- Those departing from Deltebre who make a 1’20 h journey Tel. 977 077 022 – 645 927 110 Cruceros Delta del Ebro
2 – Those who only make the turn by the mouth and leave Riumar (40 minutes). Tel. 977.480.128 – 977.267.672 Creuers Delta de l’Ebre

Creuers pel riu

MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre

Located in the Tancada lagoon, MonNatura is a space designed to publicise and disseminate the richness and variety of the natural environment of the Ebro Delta. We therefore propose a visit to this old fish farm that the La Pedrera Foundation has recovered and also to the Tancada lagoon. Don’t miss the view from the viewpoint, where you can see thousands of flamingos. They offer a wide range of activities, especially for children.

Monnatura Delta

La Torra de Camarles Rice Interpretation Centre.

A very interesting visit if we want to know how life was in these lands a hundred years ago and how rice cultivation has evolved. Guided tours are highly recommended.


Molí de Rafelet.

During visits to the Molí de Rafelet (a rice mill), you can learn about the cultivation, the production process, the packaging of the rice, as well as its conservation, the ways of cooking it and the varieties such as pump, marsh, the ecological…

Molí de Rafelet, arròs del Delta de l'Ebre.

Activities in kayak with Riu a l’Ebre.

One of the most recommendable ways of knowing this territory is from the river and also by sea. The company Riu a l’Ebre offers a wide range of possibilities for sailing and discovering unusual corners of the Ebro (island of Gracia, island of Sapinya, the mouth …) and the bays of the Delta (excursion to the mussels of the bay of Fangar Mirador Delta and the route to the Tower of Sant Joan in the bay of Alfacs. They also organize guided routes by bicycle and van through the most emblematic places of the Ebro Delta. Tel. 600 47 10 78

Delta Polet or the most authentic Delta.

If you wish to know more about the ancestral cultivation of rice, the customs of this land, to carry out activities in nature, to discover the birds and other animals of the autochthonous fauna of the Delta, you should contact Josep Polet. An experience you will love.

Safari ecocultural al Delta del l'Ebre

Xarter Nàutic Eli.

Discover the Ebro Delta by sailing. A la carte trips through the mouth of the Ebro. A unique experience, direct contact with the sea by the hand of an expert patron, Eli, who knows these waters like nobody else. On board the Skipper Black, a boat with a capacity for 12 people, equipped with a high-powered engine, the river is crossed smoothly and you enter the Mediterranean at full speed.

Xarter Nàutic Eli. Delta de l'Ebre

Barraques Interpretation Centre.

Located in the village of Sant Jaume d’Enveja, this small museum shows an exhibition on the life, work and housing of the first settlers of the Delta. The “barraques” are typical constructions made with the elements that nature offered them, reeds, mud and “borró”. We can see models of old “barraques”, photographs, know how they were made and what uses they had and know a system of life totally adapted to the environment.

Centre d'interpretació de les Barraques

Ecoherbes Park.

The Ecoherbes Park Medicinal Botanical Garden is a large natural space where visitors can walk, rediscover nature and discover the more than 400 species of aromatic and medicinal plants that grow there.

Ecoherbes Park

Tasting of mussels in the bay of Alfacs.

The great bay of the south of the Delta is protected by the Punta de la Banya, one of the most emblematic places of the Delta, protected as a natural park and where one of the most numerous stable colonies of flamingos in Europe lives. The crossing of the bay allows us to know the cultivation of mussels and make a tasting in the middle of the sea.

Musclàrium. It is one of the best dining experiences in the Delta. They take you by boat to the bat and offer you a meal of mussels and oysters. Tel. 638283986

Another option is the Musclera de l’Avi Agustí.

Ostres a la badia dels Alfacs

Mirador Badia.

If you want to do a route through the bay of Fangar, admire the cliffs of the coast of L’Ampolla, know the mussel and make a tasting of mussels and oysters with excellent views you can go to the town of L’Ampolla where the boat leaves Mirador Badia. An excellent option to spend an unforgettable day.

Mirador Badia. Delta de l'Ebre